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Why Do You Need Blockchain Applications?

Blockchain applications are what business monetary and data transfers will be in the future. Mostly all of the firms in business will use this new technology to transfer with their business partners and clients. Your time-stamped digital records known as blocks are cryptographically locked and every record of these blocks can only be traced by you and no one can transfer or tamper with it.


percent of banks are working with a technology company to augment their transaction process with Blockchain.


million Blockchain wallet users are estimated by the end of 2019.


percent of potential cost savings are estimated for business operations using Blockchain technology.

How do we do it?

Identify the goals

The first step to develop your blockchain application is to identify your business goals, invest time and efforts to develop the blockchain application from scratch so you can migrate your current application to the Blockchain network.

Identify the suitable blockchain platform

You require a blockchain platform to create a decentralized blockchain application without having to create it from scratch. The blockchain platform you need depends on the consent mechanism and what problems you intend to solve.

Blockchain Ideation

Once you have identified the goals and the blockchain platform to build your application, it is the right time to create ideas and business requirements. For the blockchain development process, you need to evaluate, formulate, and prioritize a list of actions for blockchain experimentation.

Developing a concept study

Developing a concept study will help understand the working potential of your blockchain project. It can either be a theoretical build-up or a prototype design for your business.

Preparing Visual and Technical Designs

Creating user interfaces for every segment of the software is the next stage. It mainly covers the technical and design components required for your software program.

Developing an application

Development is the core stage of the blockchain application where all the coding and test phases for developing your beta application is conducted and then proceeding further we develop your alpha version application.


In this process, your application is deployed onto a prepared application server. Before an app goes live, it should be deployed on the test network to test its functionalities. After provisioning your application, it will be hosted on the main network.

Our specialty services

Our expert team of Blockchain developers creates crypto tokens, coins, smart wallets and all types of blockchain integrations for you. Our blockchain technology applications will help you streamline and automate the processes to get faster transactions at minimal cost. Whitecloud Infotech is a new blockchain development company and we present an opportunity for your business with this technology.

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